Top 5 WordPress Web Development Tools You Can’t Miss In 2021

WordPress powers around 40% of the websites on the internet, making WordPress design and lucrative development niches for web pros.

Custom WordPress Website development is about evolving and increasing your digital presence with responsive and scalable web applications powered by one of the world’s most used Content Management Systems. Moreover, development tools are integrating the enhanced performance of your website.

What’s left is finding the right assistant on this journey.

With that being said, this isn’t just any ol’ random list. To prepare this beauty, we have done deep research and ask people to provide their feedback. Check the list out:

WordPress Web Development Tools


The highly popular development environment for PHP is XAMPP.

XAMPP is completely free, easy to install Apache distribution containing MariaDB, Perl, and PHP. The XAMPP open source package has been set up to be amazingly easy to install and use.

XAMPP is another web service stack with a lot of love from PHP developers, including those making WordPress products. The “X” in the tool’s name refers to its cross-platform nature. The software comes with installers for macOS, Windows, and Linux systems.

Since it supports MySQL and PHP, it has everything you want to run WordPress from your laptop or desktop.

Web service stacks used to vary; however, constant updates and improvements have evened the playing field. Even so, XAMPP has a couple of exceptional tricks up in its sleeve.

Which application is better for your requirement among MAMP and XAMPP will rely upon your personal preference. Both of them will enable you to:

  • Establish localhost along with Apache on your PC
  • Install and run MySQL


Another popular code editor among developers is Atom. It allows you to work on numerous applications.

Atom offers a variety of choices that can be custom-tailored to suit your projects and workflow. It comes with several themes to select from, and One Dark is one of the popular themes that have found their way into other essential editors.

Atom is a functional code editor that you should try. Both Sublime and Atom are free text editors developed mainly for programmers. Additional plugins and packages are readily available to help you work more efficiently. Both tools:

  • Are free to use
  • Offer powerful editors
  • Offer additional tools


The advent of faster sandbox tools would recommend that older tools for developing web pages are going extinct. Rather than this, traditional web service stacks, such as XAMPP and MAMP, remain popular. MAMP, XAMPP, and MAMP Pro are all local web development tools to help you get your PC up and running as a local server.

A local-server environment intended for macOS that comes in both free and paid versions. The MAMP package offers you all the tools you require to run WordPress on your desktop computers, such as testing or development purposes. Windows users can also utilize it, but Mac users will more likely benefit most.

Test your projects on mobile devices quickly. Regardless of whether you prefer Nginx or Apache for your web server and MySQL for your database server, or you just want to work with PHP, Python, Perl, or Ruby programming languages, anything you pick is fine.

As such, a web service stack similar to this will still get used in 2021.


Postman is a great WordPress dev tool and a blessing for an API developer who is searching for a powerful and full-fledged solution for their API workflow. In case if you ever worked with API development, you know that setting up test environments is a tedious, tiresome process. Not with Postman.

Postman is amazingly easy to use with an exceptional focus on testing. The numerous testing environments are not just easy to establish, but you can also share your test cases between them. This will accelerate the essential but time-consuming practice of API testing.

The collections are an incredible way to manage your API requests and keep them organized for future utilization. You can utilize the monitoring schedule to run the collection for performance and response periodically. Moreover, the monitoring tool will permit you to select the environments and run tests. Any tests that fail will push a notification to any number of integrations such as Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, Slack, GitHub, etc.


React is an incredible JavaScript library that is used for building user interfaces and reusable UI components. Web developers utilize this tool primarily since it is convenient to break developing applications into several simple parts.

React.js is a famous Facebook-designed JavaScript library that powers many modern WordPress components. The Block Editor and backend utilize React, and we’d consider it an interface-first way of utilizing JavaScript.

Furthermore, the style of application code derived from React components can be applied to any program’s interface, which accelerates the development process.

For any project with a modern and dynamic User Interface, React would be the perfect solution. It uses a syntax extension to JavaScript known as JSX to create elements rendered to the Document Object Module (DOM).

As a prerequisite for learning ReactJS, you should know HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. With a solid understanding of one of the below-listed mark-up languages, optimization with ReactJS becomes more enjoyable and more accessible:

  • It is faster as it performs optimization while drawing up code to JavaScript.
  • Moreover, all technical errors can be identified during compilation, so it is error-free too.
  • It is easier to write templates, mainly when you are familiar with HTML.
  • Since it can handle JavaScript code, which is compatible with many browsers, it is entirely automated.


Various tools can help you carry out spectacular WordPress Web Development projects from start to finish.

The sheer number of fantastic WordPress tools can be overwhelming, so the real challenge may be to discover the best ones for you.

The above-listed top 5 WordPress web development tools will give your WordPress development team a real boost.