What Is A Parking Management System, And Why Do You Need It?

Parking Management System

Parking management system is a label utilized for many products in the parking industry. It can sometimes be tough to figure out what it actually means.

Managing car parking isn’t as easy as you think. This is where the parking management system comes into the picture. The primary idea behind any parking management system is actually what it says on the tin. It’s a system which helps individuals to manage their parking.

What is Parking Management System?

Parking management is a set of solid strategies with the goal to expand the viability of the current parking offer in your building or business. These strategies are set up at the level of your building or your company. They include establishing rules of good use, transparent policies, yet other possible systems of prioritization or shared places between users.

Parking management is an unpredictable task; that’s why parking managers generally use a parking management system to help them work more efficiently and adequately.

A parking management system automates a parking system. It optimizes parking space and makes the entire process efficient. It provides real-time car parking information such as available slots display, vehicle & slot counts, reserved parking, easy payments, reports, pay-and-park options, and a host of other features.

Why Do We Need A Parking Management System?

Without technology, parking spaces frequently suffer from a lack of management, coordination, and foresight. Dedicated parking management systems eliminate the need for human intervention in routine procedures and streamline the entire process to guarantee the accuracy, speed, and quick turnover. These advantages extend over the entire supply chain – they cover government authorities, parking lot owners, and end-users also.

Here is why parking management systems are a blessing for urban areas:

Space Optimization

The primary reason why a parking business is so lucrative is that parking space is a limited asset. A company ought to use all the available parking space at its disposal and be adaptable in managing the space. A parking management system gives a 360-degree perspective of the facility to managers, enabling them to direct motorists to available spaces rapidly and more efficiently than is possible manually. Along these lines, space that hitherto lay unused or undiscovered is optimized.

Ease of Use

A properly structured, coordinated, and the organized system will be easy to use and train staff in its utilization. A user-friendly system guarantees that the cost of training stays minimal. You can use a parking management system to control and manage traffic flow into, within, and out of the parking lot trumps taking care of each customer individually. This saved time and costs and eventually reflected positively on the net profit margins. Moreover, modern parking management systems need little to no maintenance apart from the old system upgrade. Regardless of whether complications develop, they are usually simple to resolve.

A Sound Investment

Modern parking management systems have the latest technology integrated at every level of operation. This superior technology is continually updated with innovations and improved models so that the parking function becomes cost-effective while exhibiting improved functionality. Another significant benefit is the option of customizing the parking management system to suit both usage requirements and purpose. For instance, the parking needs of commercial properties will differ from residential ones.


Parking management systems decrease the manpower need in a facility. A skeletal yet well-skilled staff can run the entire operations, aided by technology. With the latest access and hardware detection, vehicles are permitted entry or exit immediately. Furthermore, facilities such as ventilation and lighting can be remotely controlled to optimize usage. In this way, such effective systems increase the cost-effectiveness of the entire operation and forestall errors and waste due to the human element.


Parking facilities need to focus on privacy and security. With a management system, owners can be sure that there is no unauthorized entry or exit of vehicles, decreasing the risk of damaged, stolen, and vandalized cars. Parking management systems can likewise be adapted to include the latest security features.

Deck IT’s Parking Management System – An Integrated Smart Parking System to Automate End-To-End Parking Processes

Deck IT’s Smart Parking System is a unique parking management solution. It digitizes the end-to-end management of parking slots and all parking processes related to visitors, payments, and vehicles. It reduces the efforts required to monitor and track vehicles manually.  With Deck IT’s smart parking management system, you can easily define and customize areas like paid slots, staff, tenants, visitors, etc.

Allocation of slots becomes simple. Live countdown of filled versus unfilled slots, occupied versus unoccupied spaces, etc., can be displayed on a LED screen and the phone. Suitable for a wide range of parking areas, it digitizes end-to-end parking processes incorporating multi-tenant, multi-level parking.

Moreover, it is integrated with visitor management systems and access control hardware which is extremely helpful for shared parking spaces as it automates day-to-day processes such as auto-identifying suitable parking slots – be it pay-and-park, or reserved, auto-generating parking tickets, levying penalties, and many more.

Top Features of Deck IT’s Smart Parking System

Customize Space Solution

  • Customize and reserve parking space as per company, staff, pay-&-park, etc.

Live Reports

  • No more manual checking of void space; easily see it on your phone along with reports.

Automated Ticket and Pass Management

  • QR code-based passes are quickly auto-generated for a visitor.

Secure Payment and Financial Management

  • Parking passes created can be on a pay-&-park or a weekly/monthly pay basis.

Access control system for designated spaces

  • Easily integrate parking passes with an access control system – biometrics, boom barriers, etc.

Penalty and violation management

  • Levy instant penalty tickets, if any individual or vehicle is found guilty of any time or rule violation

Why Should You Choose Deck IT’s Parking Management System?


  • It is based on mobile and cloud technology and therefore decreases the chances of manual errors.

Easy to use

  • Manage the entire parking area utilizing your handheld device. No training required.


  • Guards are made more responsible since the system can’t be tampered with.

No Clunky hardware

  • The system requires less hardware for efficient functioning.


  • Features can be rapidly and easily added or customized to specific needs.

Live trends and reports


  • Built-in statistical tools to help you use the data captured for further decision-making.

Experience these incredible benefits! With the growing need for parking spaces, it is essential to upgrade to a well-planned parking space. Here at Deck IT, we aim to make your parking exactly how you want it to be: safe, fast, and efficient. Contact our parking management system experts today to see how they can help you improve your parking services.