HR Cloud: The Complete HRMS


Human resource (HR) process automation has been around for a while; however, process automation need not be complicated and coding focused. HRMS by Kissflow has HR professionals overcome many of the obstacles they had to deal with.

By investing in a SaaS  HR Management Solution, HR professionals can quickly and easily automate tedious and time-consuming activities, enabling HR teams to focus on streamlining bottle necks and simplifying HR operations overall.

It Is Time to Move to Cloud HR Software

HRMS is essential for modern organizations because it is now moving towards analytics and automation. As per statistics, 80% of HR departments spend some or more money on HR technology in the upcoming years.

Most professionals who are looking to switch to a cloud-based solution report that the desire is driven by the HR department’s unique requirements for better functionality and more scalability.

Most of the time, on-premises software for strategic human resource planning doesn’t offer such capabilities. Deck IT has partnered with Kissflow to offer plug and play no code Digital Workplace solutions that can help streamline your HR operations and integrate Technical Teams into a single, unified, and automated workplace management solution. Deck ITPL can help business with faster adoption and integrate with existing technology ecosystem as and when required.

6 Reasons Customers Move from On-Premises to Cloud HRMS

According to the Gartner market report forecasted, cloud-based HR management solution represented 50% or more of all human resource planning tools in 2017.

If you haven’t moved switch yet, you’re losing money, and your HR processes are far from optimal. The time is ripe to transition. Here are six reasons why you should move from on-promises to cloud HRMS.

  • Personal and Modern User Experience (UX)
    • Cloud Human Resource Management combines intelligence and simplicity for more personalized work. Not only user-friendly, but modern HR software also understands employee interests to tailor areas—profile, mentors, learning, and roles—to evolve over time.
  • Intelligent Application
    • Cloud HRMS utilizes an AI-first approach. This implies data science and advanced machine learning are combined to assist HR professionals and employees to work smarter, hire smarter, engage smarter, and adapt smarter.
    • By enhancing talent management, businesses can provide complete workforce insights and increase operational efficiency.
  • Complete Cloud Human Resource Management
    • Organizations run their business with a single HR technology partner. With the complete Cloud, you can manage the entire employee lifecycle, integrate with critical lines of business—including finance and sales—and gain speed, security, and innovation through the Oracle infrastructure foundation.
  • Data Security and Privacy Controls
    • By moving your HRMS to Cloud, organizations get multilayered security features, data encryption by default, and state-of-the-art data centers. In addition, the cloud platform offers identity and security management, availability, scalability, and performance by running on best-in-class Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Adaptable and Extensible Architecture


Cloud-based human resources management software delivers an adaptable and flexible solution to meet ever-changing business practices, regulations, and environments ensure a business’s ability to stay agile and connected. Is Your Workplace Chaotic

Dozens of Disparate Tools

Spreadsheet and Email Dominant

No Visibility in tracking work

In efficient task assignment

Communication Gaps

Begin Your Workplace Transformation Today with an Integrated No Code Platform

7 Features Every Cloud HRMS Needs to Offer

There are many cloud HR software in the market. However, all great HR solutions should offer the following features:

  • Digital forms that fill, approve, and keep track of requests (PTO, onboarding, etc.).
  • Rule-based, conditional workflows that make sure policy and regulatory compliance are met.
  • Employee self-service interface for smooth onboarding and managing confidential employee data.
  • Multi-channel accessibility to view, manages, and approves or rejects requests while on the go.
  • In-built reporting module to generate actionable and data-driven insights.
  • Seamless API integration to connect the HR cloud with different software such as payroll systems.

Characteristics of HRMS That Are Worth Trying

Apart from easing tasks from hiring to retiring, HR Management Solutions’s unique characteristics are worth attempting and entailing with your software.

  • Employee Self-Service
    • Employee Self-service is a module prepared for employees, increasing the organization’s efficiency. With ESS employee login, the employee can easily access their details.
    • ESS allows HR relaxation from some usual employee-related work. ESS that comes with integrated solutions ensures employees’ trust in the organization and stands out as an incredible benefit for the employee.
    • He/she can now view/edit/upload any documents, file any application, punch online, maintain real-time attendance, tax liabilities, generate HRMS payslip, and other activities with minimum zero HR intervention.
  •  Timesheet Management
    • Timesheet is a practice that helps employees submits their hourly work done on a daily basis. It lets HR and managers know the exact amount of work completed by employees. In addition, timesheet analysis and monitoring can be helpful for performance management.
  •  Data Management
    • Conventional methods for data management were relying on excel sheets and paperwork. However, these methods prove to be less reliable. HRMS helps you with proper distributed data management of every employee within just one single server.
    • HR data is too sensitive, there should be a well-defined storage solution, and HRMS is one such platform. It offers data storage for recruitment, asset management, interview, employees’ documents, payroll reports, and real-time data such as leave, attendance, and travel.
    • Data management is additionally an essential part of ESS, which employees handle. Thus for effective employee engagement, data security should be a fundamental aspect.
  •  Statutory Compliance
    • Every country has its own policy that ensures employees’ benefits and safeguards organizational goals, which is known as statutory compliance.
    • This legal framework holds different laws for employees like guaranteeing minimum wages, overtime benefits, etc., protecting the company from unnecessary wage increments, improving reputation and client engagement, etc. Non-adherence to these laws can have dangerous actions on the organization’s reputation and existence.
    • People who are well aware of these laws can additionally commit some grave mistake unknowingly. Thus depending upon digital solutions with pay management can offer in-built compliance with all the described laws.

Build a productive workplace

  • Fewer Tools, Better Productivity
  • Collaboration, Co-ordination and Control
  • Be Ready for Future of Work

Get ready for the Integrated, Future-proof Workplace


How to Find the Ideal Software That Fits Your Needs

As per Digital Thoughts, there are more than 21 different human resource management software providing various modules and functions. These features might confuse you to pick from within. However, we have encircled here the significant functions that will assist you in finding perfect software as per your needs.

  • Centralized Server
    • There will always be ongoing tasks and work distributions amongst the HR persons, depending on the organization’s size and various office locations. Thus, handling all this sensitive information might become a big headache for HR. Therefore, Human Resource Management Software gives a centralized server that is flexible enough to store various data related to each office location.
    • Moreover, you can access real-time data like attendance, time, and leave.
    • Many software providers can supply you with a portal login with cloud-based data storage, which is accessible from any location.
  •  Cost-Efficient
    • Even though the main work of HRMS is to automate the HR process, the market provides various options with different features and modules. For choosing what’s suitable for your organization, you must be well aware of the crucial requirements.
    • Some software with the same elements may cost you more due to its user interface. However, you have to find out the worthy one that is cost-efficient for your organization along with automating your HR practices.
  • Scalability
    • With an increasing workforce, your software should be competent enough to adapt your scalability. Thus, your service provider should ensure that you don’t face any issues and offer regular HRMS updates. You can subscribe to more features within your current plan.
  •  Customization
    • Every module you purchase has to be customizable enough to let you manage it as per your requirements. Policies like leaves, payroll, attendance, performance, etc., should be flexible for the employees. They must give enough benefits to employees, which they are capable of acquiring.

Transform Your HR Processes with a user-friendly, easy to adopt and affordable HR Management Solution.

Four Powerful Modules, One Integrated Platform

HR Transformation in the 21st Century

The 21st-century economy is full of emerging technologies. Successful businesses are leveraging innovative human resources systems so they can take care of their employees, who can eventually, take care of their clients.

Adaptive intelligence and machine learning augment that has not been humanly possible before; they are the underlying drivers to create a smarter and more enjoyable employee experience.

Today, HR organizations have easy access to new innovative technology and real-life HRMS cloud solutions to drive business value. With so many advantages that cloud HR software offers, it should not cost a bomb for your business to update your HR planning process. It is the future because it is easy, cost-efficient, and allows access via multiple devices and effortless integration with other solutions.

If you haven’t made the switch yet, you’re losing money, and your HR processes are far from optimal. The time is ripe to transition. Cloud-based HRMS from Deck IT are highly scalable and pocket-friendly. It is appropriate for businesses of all sizes that demand a robust set of HR management features. In addition, its in-depth reporting functionality will serve the needs of most enterprise-level HR teams.

If you’re searching for a cloud-based HR solution, get in touch for a demo, and let us streamline your HR Processes.