How Can Fleet Management System Optimize Revenue for Mid-Sized Cab Operators in Africa


QwikFleet is a Fleet management system developed by Deck IT to cater to the unique needs of each business. Powered by state of the art Smart Hardware and latest Location-based Services. QwikFleet allows your business to get real-time updates on your fleet operations down to vehicle and driver performance.

Telematics is revolutionizing fleet management all around the world; however, the technology has explicitly become important for local fleet managers across Africa. In the USA and Europe, the awareness and penetration of telematics are extremely high; however, various underlying constraints hinder the successful implementation and effective outcomes of fleet telematics in Africa.

Recent estimates suggest penetration rates will keep on rising across all major African economies such as South Africa, where the penetration rates in 2020 are anticipated to increase to about 32% from the existing levels of around 21%.

Fleet owners are aware of the benefits of implementing fleet management solutions to optimize their revenue and profitability. However, various factors pose a challenge to the implementation of fleet management solutions.

Here are some ways fleet management systems can optimize revenue for mid-sized cab operators in Africa.

What Exactly Is Fleet Management System?

Fleet management system help streamline all the operations a cab operating company deals with, from driver management, route optimization, and vehicle tracking to improve customer and driver safety. Both traditional cab companies and ambitious mobility startups profit from technically supreme fleet management systems.

Use QwikFleet, a Fleet management system, to enable drivers and operators to increase productivity, reduce risks, and avoid inefficient vehicle operations. The powerful inbuilt analytics can help you make business decisions based on data, attract more end-users, and deal with management matters in just a couple of clicks.

The primary objectives of a fleet management system are to improve the efficiency and productivity of a fleet and enhance the safety conditions for its drivers. This is usually achieved by utilizing vehicle tracking, monitoring driver behavior, fuel consumption reporting, and vehicle maintenance management.

Let’s dive into the details of the benefits it brings to cab business owners.

Benefits of Fleet Management Solutions for Cab-Operating Companies in Africa

Flawless Fleet Operations Management

Operating software for cabs is ideal for orders and driver management. All the orders are gathered in one quick dashboard. You can sort them, follow them in real-time, and view the vehicle locations. Stay connected, and all the drivers’ information is available within reach for the operator. No magic; it’s all telematics.

Real-Time Reports on Fleet Operations

The fleet management system collects reports on orders, drivers, operators, clients, and payments — so that you can have all the essential data about your business right at your hand. Utilizing this data, cab business owners and fleet managers can make data-driven decisions and track operations without extra paperwork.

You can get the benefit of an indispensable feature to work with large fleet sizes. Leave no more room for errors and get endless opportunities to scale up your business.

Route Optimization to Reduce Fuel Costs and Carbon Emissions

Optimized and precise route planning tool in fleet management system helps your customers with the cost-saving in the first place. However, there’s more to it. The route optimization feature can make sure customers get the shortest and most fuel-efficient routes. This way, the paths are constantly advanced to be convenient, decrease fuel usage, and, in the long period, the wear and tear of the vehicles, which simply means a smaller carbon footprint for your company.

Improve Vehicle Maintenance

Fleet maintenance and vehicle lifecycles are areas that put a heavy strain on a business’s finances. Luckily, fleet management systems offer everything required to develop a preventative maintenance schedule that works for a fleet, assisting you in managing maintenance expenses.

Kilometers traveled, fuel usage; engine hours—just a small choice of the data points that can be utilized to create a preventative maintenance schedule. Fleet management solution additionally allows managers to track vehicle downtime caused by breakdowns, tows, jumpstarts, and emergency repairs. This can help identify potential problem areas and repeating patterns that may need addressing or adjusting in the maintenance schedule.

Making an initial investment into fleet management software means businesses can put a preventative maintenance plan in place that has the potential to save them a significant amount of time and money in the future.

Fully Automated Billing

Talking about driver commissions, the fleet management system permits calculating all fees automatically for any fleet size. You can set work tasks for drivers — specify commissions per trip, period, or several trips. Let the system charge drivers automatically, get all the payments directly to your organization’s bank account, and enjoy a solid turnover to show potential investors and business partners.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Using fleet management systems, fleet managers can simplify appointment reminders and bookings. You can get notifications if a technician is delayed on work or hasn’t yet seen a job assigned to them. Customers can simply benefit from improved ETA accuracy through GPS tracking data. In addition, you can receive confirmation of appointments and reminders shortly beforehand.

Improve Driver Safety

Driver safety should be of paramount importance to fleet managers. A recent study said that speed is “at the base of the road safety issue” and that “about 30% of the fatal accidents speed is an essential contributory factor.” Because of this, driver performance and behavior are among the critical areas of a fleet management system.

A major advantage of fleet management systems is that it gives near real-time alerts and notifications about dangerous driving habits. For instance, fleet tracking equipment like dashboard video cameras enables fleet managers to monitor any incidences of hard braking and speeding or cornering by their drivers. This type of technology is designed to help improve road safety, which is much needed.

Helping the Fleets of the Future

Fleet management can positively impact fleet owners in Africa. Whether it is cab hire companies or  logistics and supply chain operators, without proper fleet management systems, it is challenging for fleets to effectively deal with these problems to optimize operational efficiencies and revenue. A feature-rich fleet management system and related data and analytics, not just enable fleet managers to keep track of their vehicle’s ongoing costs, including fuel and maintenance spends, yet also introduces required checks and balances into the operations regularly.

Through our technical expertise and domain experience, QwikFleet by Deck IT is providing end-to-end, technologically advanced monitoring tools, adopting the best global practices for our fleet customers.

Through its professional and highly skilled partner network across Africa, Deck IT has made many inroads to fleet customers with successful fleet management solutions. This included a 50% reduction in vehicle accidents, a 30% improvement in route compliance, and a 20% reduction in fuel consumption across their fleets. It’s your turn now.


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